I had the time of my life

and I owe it all to Susan from doughmesstic.com & Paula from bellalimento.com for hosting Mixed Nov. 30th-Dec. 2nd at the beautiful Mountain Lake in Pembroke, VA. If you haven’t guessed by the sneak peek picture, Mountain Lake is where part of Dirty Dancing was filmed. I mean, how can you go wrong with Mountain Lake and a bunch of food bloggers?!? Well, from what I learned, you can’t! It was my first ever blog conference & let me tell you, it WON’T be my last. I LOVED it!! From the classes to the midnight movies and everything in between. (it’s also what gave me the final push to get this blog started)

IMG_4234  IMG_4256 IMG_4249

It all started on Friday, with check in. I will say I had the best roommates a girl could ask for, my sister Brandi (you can check out her blog at branappetit.com) and Angie (you can check out her blog at bigbearswife.com). Seriously, we had a blast! From there I got to assist in the kitchen with the dixiecrystals.com cookie bake-off. After that it was time for dinner & then on to the kitchenaid.com mixer out in the barn.  After the mixer, someone, not naming names, thought it’d be a great idea to show The Shining. We did not stay for that but we did go down for the mac & cheese, which was fabulous! The three of us actually came back to our room & watched Something Borrowed while chowing down on candy, all thanks to Hersheys.com.

So now, on to Saturday. The day was filled with classes, which were great! There was Food photography by Bree from bakedbree.com, Food Styling with Tami Hardeman from runningwithtweezers.com, Videography with Denise Woodward & Lenny Ferreira from chezus.com, Secrets of Ebooks with Heidi Larsen of foodiecrush.com, & my two personal favorites Holiday Cookie Decorating with Sweetopia.net and Cake Art with none other than Duff Goldman, you know from Ace of Cakes (duff.com). I mean how awesome is that!! Thanks to Angie for being my partner in crime for our decorating classes! It was a blast! Here are some shots from those classes…

photo (8)   photo (5)  photo (4)

photo (10)  photo (3)  photo (2)

P.S.~ Duff told Angie and I are cake was “adorable”. I realize he probably told everyone that or something like that, but it’s still pretty awesome.


Yes, that is my sister & I with the man himself 🙂

Saturday ended with a another party in the barn & tons of giveaways! And from there, we went to the ballroom for a midnight showing of Dirty Dancing. There really was no other way to end Saturday. Sunday consisted of breakfast, packing, saying goodbye to my sis & all of my new friends and then the long haul back home.

Thanks to all of the sponsors & helpers! I’d tag you all but I can’t remember everyone who was there, so sorry! Special thanks to oxo.com for a fabulous swag bag! Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures of that, but believe me, it is some great stuff & I can’t wait to use it all! Thanks again to Susan & Paula for hosting such a fabulous conference!! Until next year…


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